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Broken Toyland Newsletter #18 for 2018

Hello. Been doing a lot of mini paintings and here they are:

Title: Rain Rain Rain, 2×7. Find it in my shop.

Title: Red Sky, Black Snow, 3×5. Find it in my shop.
Title: Rainy, 4×4. Find it in my shop.

Title: Red Balloon, 4×4. Find it in my shop.

Title: Into Every Life A Little Black Rain Must Fall, 4×4. Find it in my shop.

Title: Curiosity, 4×4. Find it in my shop.

Title: Little Batty, 4×4. Find him in my shop.

Title: Bunny’s New Heart Dress, 2×7. Find it in my shop.

Title: An Apple A Day, 3×5. Find it in my shop.




These two have sold but still wanted to show them. Bunny And His Pumpkin, and Into Every Life A Little Black Snow Must Fall.

And lastly, I have a Broken Toy that didn’t make it into the last newsletter:

See if he’s in my shop.

If you like what I do, and would like to support my art and help me keep on creating, then please consider subscribing to my patreon. Any amount helps during these extremely tough times. I’m trying to gain a foothold over on patreon so I can stop trying to depend on the very undependable social media platforms that are failing us small business owners. And if you already have subscribed, thanks so much forΒ  your support. It means the world to me!

Title: Moonrise Over My Midnight Garden. (sold) I made a little video featuring this painting:

Moonrise Over My Midnight Garden – art by Valery Milovic from Valery Milovic on Vimeo.

That’s all for now.



Broken Toyland Newsletter #17, for 2018

Greetings πŸ˜€

I have an announcements to make…

As social media continues to fail me, I have decided to try Patreon. IΒ  made an account with them about 3 years ago and never finished it. That is, until yesterday.Β My Patreon is now up and running and ready to receive subscribers. So, if you love Broken Toyland and / or my other creative ventures, and would like to support me in a huge way, please subscribe. I have two subscription options, but you can do any amount at any time. You can find out all the info by going to my Patreon page. Click here to check out my Patreon. Thank you in advance for your patronage. I am so incredibly thankful, grateful and honored, that anyone loves what I do enough to support me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


New art:

Jessamy. See if she’s in my shop.

Vornie. He’s a cat pillow. See if he’s in my shop.

Stina. See if she’s in my shop.

Petal, is a cat pillow. See if she’s in my shop.

Elanor. See if she’s in my shop.

Isolde. See if she’s in my shop.

That’s all the new art. I’ve been working on some painted sticks and branches, too. Just not finished yet.

Stalled on making Christmas Ornaments, too. Just don’t feel like it, but there will be more coming. Many more.


Lastely, don’t forget to check out my Patreon page. I sure hope it works out. I want to make it a fun, interactive venture, with lots of perks πŸ˜€

So long for now.


be thankful, act grateful, practice kindness



Broken Toyland Newsletter #16 for 2018

Hello Everyone.

It’s been over a month since my last newsletter, so there’s quite a bit to show.

I have started doing Christmas ornaments for 2018. I have also been on a doll making binge and do not see an end in sight. I think I’ll stay like this for awhile.

That said, on to the art:

Bernadette. Check to see if she’s still available in my shop <—

Check availability in my shop <—

Belinda. See if she’s still in my shop <—

Check availability in my shop <—

Amity. See if she’s still in my shop <—

Ghost. See if she’s still available in my shop <—

See if they’re available in my shop <—

Check to see if they’re still in my shop <—

Last ones. Check to see if they’re still available in my shop <—

I of course can do custom ornaments. Just contact me for inquiries.

Lost more ornaments and rag dolls coming. I post on my social medias so be sure to keep an eye on those, if interested. And if you’re not seeing my posts, make sure to choose the option to be notified when I post.

Take care then, until next time ❀

Broken Toyland Newsletter #15, for 2018

Hello again. I hope everyone’s having a nice summer.
Mine is going pretty good. My garden is looking better than usual, we’re getting rain and I’m very thankful for those things. Anyone else gardening? If so, what do you grow? I always like to see what others are doing in that regard. Maybe I’ll post some photos of what I’m growing, after I post art πŸ˜‰

Not a whole lotta new art lately. I had some kind of health issue that sacked me for a couple weeks. Scary, but back on track and feeling pretty good.

Here’s some new art:

Golden Eyes, Ruby Eyes and Violet Eyes. Check my shop for availability.

I’ve also done a bunch of cottonwood branch art:

This is one large piece.

Here’s a smaller one, about 17 inches long. I don’t usually put them in my shop, so if anyone’s interested, just contact me:

Another good sized one.

I am starting to decorate my yard with these. Those are coated with a heavy duty outdoor varnish. Here’s the two huge ones I made to live outside my front door:
Very New Mexico πŸ™‚

That’s about it, as far as art. I’ll post some shots of some of what’s growing or living in my garden, before saying goodbye:

Glass Gem corn. It’s almost my height.

This is a parthenice tiger moth. Super pretty.

A huge squash blossom. The bees adore them.

I have a thing for morning glories. They’re so beautiful.

Gotta have lots of chilies! I have 3 kinds right now. These large Thai chilies, some ghost chilies and a couple pequin plants.

Purple bush beans.

And some apples. I didn’t think I’d have any this year, because we got a pretty hard late freeze. But here they are. maybe 20 on the whole tree. They’re so yummy.

In addition to all that, I have sunberries, 2 kinds of summer squash, sorghum, tomatillos, cardinal vine, purselane 2 kinds of cucumbers, potatoes, coreopis. So much fun.

Oh, and my best boy Jaxx had a birthday on the 9th. He’s 4. Where does the time go? It speeds by us while we’re distracted. So, carpe diem. Enjoy the moments. Be thankful for all of it. It’s so fleeting.

He’s one of the best things in my life. Love him!

I’ll be doing more owls and most branches. And yes, more paintings. Hopefully I can get back to being super prolific soon. That’s my goal, anyways.

I’m thinking of making a page on facebook to showcase the furry babies we love and adore. What do you think?

Ok, I’m rambled on long enough. I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death lol. Not many people to talk to nowadays.
So until next time, take care. And as always, feel free to contact me with questions, inquiries, comments, chitchat, etc.



Broken Toyland Newsletter #14, for 2018

Greetings everyone. It’s been awhile. I hope you are well.

Here is the new art since the last entry:

Title: There Is Nothing Greater In Life Than Being Known, 16×20. It’s in my shop.

Title: 7 Arms To Love You, 16×20. Find it in my shop.

Title: Wondering, 8×10. Find it in my shop.

Title: I’ll Just Go, ok? 8×10. See if it’s in my shop.

That’s all for now. So, until next time, so long…



coupon01 flowerwreath01a

Take 15% off everything in my broken toyland shop from June 23rd, through midnight, July 01. There is a minimum of 75$, either single or combined purchases, to activate the code. Just enter code, SUMMER, at checkout. And if you are using a mobile device for etsy, make sure it’s updated or the code won’t work. I’ve had a bunch of complaints that there is nowhere to input the code. Once they update, it works πŸ™‚

But there’s lots of Broken Toys, BunnyHeads minis, and one of a kind originals on canvas. Even a pair of brand new Broken Toyland pillowcases. Lots of stuff. And I could REALLY use the sales. ( I have like 20 bucks to my name lol… ugh)

Also, if you want to make a several item purchase, I’ll give you a super deal. Just contact me privately: and we’ll talk about that.

All for now. I’ll do another actual newsletter in 1-2 weeks.



Broken Toyland Newsletter #13, for 2018

Greetings, everyone. I hope whoever reads this, is well.

Happy Father’s Day to the great dads out there, who truly are what it means to be a father. And to all those men who have stepped up and filled the gap left by those who don’t care to be one. I hope your day is a memorable and blessed one.

Here’s what’s new… more Broken Toys…

This is Claude. See if he’s in my shop

Bunny King. See if he’s in my shop

Marydeth. See if she’s in my shop

This is Kai. See if she’s in my shop

This is Ondine. She’s a mermaid, like Kai. Ondine has already sold. She was a big one.

This is Trudy. See if she’s in my shop

This is Amabel. See if she’s my shop

I made a tote bag in this style. Came out cool. This is one side and below is the other
If anyone’s interested in the tote, contact me: , as I have not put it in my shop. Don’t know if I will.

I still have lots of paintings in the shop, all sizes. I lowered the prices on everything, too. There’s too much piling up. So, if anyone’s interested in more than one, please contact me for a special deal.

Thanks for reading this far. The heart below is for you.



RIP – JLT —————– I won’t ever forget you, and your support and love of my silly ol’ art.
Thank you for believing in my ability to create something, that meant something. Thank you for loving Broken Toyland. That always meant so much to me.