Month: June 2019

Broken Toyland Newsletter #07, for 2019

Just 4 new since last time. And here they are:

Title: Raven Friends, 18×24. Check availability, here: MY SHOP PAGE.

Title: Dreaming Of Utopia, 16×20 (commission). This one isn’t available, but I have more that are, on MY SHOP PAGE. <—click

Title: Tres Lagrimas (three teardrops), 12×16. Check availability on MY SHOP PAGE.

Title: Inertia Of Loneliness II, 12×16. Check availability on MY SHOP PAGE.

Here’s a few more of what I have available on MY SHOP PAGE.

If you want more than one, I will give you a discount. Just contact me: and we’ll discuss it.


On a personal level, my health is not what it used to be (a drastic under estimate). I’m concentrating on trying to fix that. I hope I’m not too late. Really been feeling lousy lately. Lots of pain, zero energy and my level of hope is dropping. However, I’m a fighter. Albeit a very weary fighter.

I’m tired of trying to produce art. Physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. So, I’m going to have a period of not caring and just let my heart dump out some creative content, regardless if anyone might be interested in it or not.

I’m still not using etsy. And I’m not going to go back this time. As a result, my sales have stopped almost completely. I had one little sale off etsy last month, one small sale off my website shop page (literally since I put it back up a month ago) and one commission. That’s it in the last month.

I am becoming active on other social media platforms. You can access those from the LINKS PAGE on my website.

I hope this message finds you well.
So until next time, take care…