Month: January 2019

Broken Toyland Newsletter #02, for 2019

Hello again. I hope you are well. Yes, YOU. I hope your January is a good one, so far. And that you have hope. Even if it’s a spark. Can’t lose that!

Here’s what’s new in the art department:

Title: Mr. Gatz IV. See if he’s in my shop. I caught him in a rare New Year’s Resolution, mode lol. He has sworn to mend his ways and be better 😉



Title: A Tale Of Llorona, 8×10, framed painting. Find it in my shop.
Here’s a full version, unframed.

Title: My Tears Are Prayers, 11×14. See if it’s in my shop.
This is a very personal piece. I tried to capture how when someone is just exhausted from the pummeling of life… sitting for a second, thinking about things. Kind of in a brief reprieve between things, thinking about what they are thankful for, amidst the chaos. Finding beauty in a moment. Some of you will understand.



I did some drawings late last month, that I never posted. So here they are. I’m going to frame one of them today, and stick it in my shop. Probably the owls. But if anyone’s interested in these, just email me at



Been playing around with making keychains. I made one for myself a few months ago (the big red heart) and I just love it. Of course they can be hung and not used for keys. If I ever get my car fixed, I want to make something like this to hang from the rear view mirror. I still have the black heart one, if anyone’s interested.

I will be doing some stuff for Valentine’s…
If you’d like something personal for a special someone, contact me:

I also have new BunnyHeads coming. Keep an eye on my instagram @BTLAND

I have some ATC’s (artist trading cards) available. 2 I had put away, from 2017, and 2 new ones. These can make a really cool way to collect original art and make an even cooler coffee table book. Just get a regular notebook and buy the plastic card holders. You can get them in sheets of 9 slots, that fit right into a 3-ring folder. I love it.



These are the 2 from 2017. They are standard trading card size, 2.5×3.75. I’ll probably put them in my shop today.
Here’s the 2 new ones from this month:



I barely started these when I did the other two, above… but never finished until recently. So they really match with the others. Anyways, they’re all going in my shop. Lots of fun to collect and create a folder full of original art. But one thing to be aware of if you decide to start collecting ATC’s… a lot of people sell prints, not originals. All of mine are one of a kind originals. Those will be a little more, for obvious reasons. Mine are usually 20 or 25.

Last little thing… I found this article and it is so spot on and interesting. I have struggled with not being able to work unless I have peace, quiet and calm in my surroundings. I get super distracted by random sounds and especially a hostile vibe. I’ll have to stop everything and reset / refocus (number 8 in the list), so I can get back to a right mindset to create. When this is being constantly challenged, it’s mentally and emotionally exhausting. Other things, too, but I’ll leave it at that. HERE’S THE ARTICLE.

I lowered the prices of almost everything in my shop, recently. I hadn’t had a sale out of my shop, in over a month. Just recently got one, thankfully. But lowered prices from 5-25 dollars on most items in there. And in addition to the lowered prices, I have a coupon code running from today, until the 24th, for 13% off. No minimums. The code is 13OFF. You can use that on one or more items. Just enter the code at checkout.
MY SHOP <<<<<<<<<
Note – if using a mobile app for etsy, make sure the app is up to date or the code might not work.

Also, if you’re interested in supporting my art, you can do so, via MY PATREON. I have 2 tiers, but you can do any amount if you want to subscribe. If you do tier 2, you will receive an art gift every month, of equal or greater (usually greater) value for your generosity. And all subscribers will get early access to art and news, coupon codes, etc.

That’s all for now. I’ll have more new art coming today and in the next days as well.

So, until next time, take care. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sunset from January 16, 2019



Broken Toyland Newsletter #01, for 2019

Greetings, and Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2019! I really truly do.

I also hope everyone had a nice Christmas and Holiday season. One filled with love and peace. Not loneliness and sadness. And if it was, I understand all too well. I wish you healing on all levels.


A quick social media update…
On facebook, they have recently announced they are removing yet more information from our newsfeeds that they don’t feel like we need to be seeing, that they call ‘spammy’. That means posts from small business, like me, will be completely erased unless you physically go to the page to see it. The censoring is just unbelievable. Yet they are inserting more of their own paid ads into our newsfeeds. Every 4 posts or so, last time I checked. That’s a LOT of spam! But literally after this announcement, my sales stopped. I haven’t had a sale in 3 weeks now.
On instagram, it’s similar. You often don’t see new posts for 3 days. 72 hours! if at all.
On both of these social media (owned by the same mega corps), you need to choose to get notifications for new posts. Personally, I am hoping / praying people move on from these two giants, to something that is good for all and doesn’t steal and sell our data and private information. Who also doesn’t censor free speech. GAB.AI is a good one. I’ve been on there about 2 years. But people are so slow to jump on board. Consider it?
I’m also on patreon now, as many of you already know. I started that almost 5 months ago and have 9 patrons. I could sure use some more lol. Every little bit helps me continue to stay afloat and do my art. The patreon thing has been a real blessing, but also a trippy eyeopener. People I never dreamed would help, have. But really, I’m grateful for any 1 dollar amount. Believe me. Those who step up and do Tier #2, get a monthly piece of art. So it’s not like anyone’s just giving for nothing because the gifts I send out, I could sell for more. That said, you can check it out at my patreon account. If you’re interested, of course.

Enough blah blah blah. Let’s see the new art:

Title: I Can’t Let Go Either. 16×20. See if it’s available in my shop.

Title: Heart Of The Forest. See if it’s in my shop.


Look Right Through Me, and MEOW!, are both finger paintings. They are not in my shop yet. I’m still trying to find frames for them.

Title: Until We Meet Again. See if it’s in my shop.

That’s it for new paintings. Not much, because I was trying to create Christmas ornaments through the 3rd week of December. But I have more coming.


On a personal level, my depression is pretty severe and debilitating. Kind words are always much appreciated.
We’ve had weeks of sunless days, dumping snow, shoveling, being trapped inside and I’m about done. But today is sunny and beautiful. And the snow is melting 🙂

Here’s a few photos to end with:

I had a little Christmas tree this year. First time since 2009. So cute, so little (4 feet tall) and so glittery. (Jaxx on the lower right, lol).


Jaxx had more fun shredding the gift wrap than the actual toys lol

lol crazy boy here, but is the sweetest thing ever.

Made cinnamon rolls for the first time, on Christmas morning. Epic.

This was December 28th. We got so much more after this. Ugh. It’s beautiful, but it gets old, fast. When the plow finally came yesterday, they cleared a way for everyone on the street, except me. They pushed all the snow right up to my driveway and I had to manually dig out.

Took this gorgeous lucky shot on Christmas morning. The ravens… MY ravens, waiting for me to put out bread. They were all just sitting in the top of my poplar tree, watching, like they do every morning. They spook so easily and since I was in the window snapping a lot of shots, they decided to leave. That’s when I got this one. I’m in awe that I captured it. So beautiful. I wish I could hold them, scratch their heads and give them kisses lol.
My hope… my prayer… is that those of us who feel like we’re always sinking, can rise and soar like this. Both mentally and emotionally. Rise above all the crud that keeps us down. And that 2019 is kinder to those of us who have had a tough time. Those who have suffered great heartache. I know several people who really got hammered last year with great loss. I felt their pain so intensely and I swear, it did me in. To the point I couldn’t function because I hurt so badly for their losses. I fall short. I know. I can only imagine what it has done to them. That grieves me even more. And just yesterday, my dearest friend’s husband had major surgery. So many things. So many good people being a target of unnecessary garbage. I wish I could duplicate myself and be there for them all, in person. Cook for them, encourage them. Just listen to them… I wish I’d win the lottery so I could make their load lighter. 2019, I hope, will be a year of healing and recovery, rising and soaring above it all. Not in a denial sorta way, but in a overcoming sorta way. You get me?

So, until next time, take care.