Broken Toyland Newsletter #17, for 2018

Greetings 😀

I have an announcements to make…

As social media continues to fail me, I have decided to try Patreon. I  made an account with them about 3 years ago and never finished it. That is, until yesterday. My Patreon is now up and running and ready to receive subscribers. So, if you love Broken Toyland and / or my other creative ventures, and would like to support me in a huge way, please subscribe. I have two subscription options, but you can do any amount at any time. You can find out all the info by going to my Patreon page. Click here to check out my Patreon. Thank you in advance for your patronage. I am so incredibly thankful, grateful and honored, that anyone loves what I do enough to support me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


New art:

Jessamy. See if she’s in my shop.

Vornie. He’s a cat pillow. See if he’s in my shop.

Stina. See if she’s in my shop.

Petal, is a cat pillow. See if she’s in my shop.

Elanor. See if she’s in my shop.

Isolde. See if she’s in my shop.

That’s all the new art. I’ve been working on some painted sticks and branches, too. Just not finished yet.

Stalled on making Christmas Ornaments, too. Just don’t feel like it, but there will be more coming. Many more.


Lastely, don’t forget to check out my Patreon page. I sure hope it works out. I want to make it a fun, interactive venture, with lots of perks 😀

So long for now.


be thankful, act grateful, practice kindness




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