Broken Toyland Newsletter #15, for 2018

Hello again. I hope everyone’s having a nice summer.
Mine is going pretty good. My garden is looking better than usual, we’re getting rain and I’m very thankful for those things. Anyone else gardening? If so, what do you grow? I always like to see what others are doing in that regard. Maybe I’ll post some photos of what I’m growing, after I post art 😉

Not a whole lotta new art lately. I had some kind of health issue that sacked me for a couple weeks. Scary, but back on track and feeling pretty good.

Here’s some new art:

Golden Eyes, Ruby Eyes and Violet Eyes. Check my shop for availability.

I’ve also done a bunch of cottonwood branch art:

This is one large piece.

Here’s a smaller one, about 17 inches long. I don’t usually put them in my shop, so if anyone’s interested, just contact me:

Another good sized one.

I am starting to decorate my yard with these. Those are coated with a heavy duty outdoor varnish. Here’s the two huge ones I made to live outside my front door:
Very New Mexico 🙂

That’s about it, as far as art. I’ll post some shots of some of what’s growing or living in my garden, before saying goodbye:

Glass Gem corn. It’s almost my height.

This is a parthenice tiger moth. Super pretty.

A huge squash blossom. The bees adore them.

I have a thing for morning glories. They’re so beautiful.

Gotta have lots of chilies! I have 3 kinds right now. These large Thai chilies, some ghost chilies and a couple pequin plants.

Purple bush beans.

And some apples. I didn’t think I’d have any this year, because we got a pretty hard late freeze. But here they are. maybe 20 on the whole tree. They’re so yummy.

In addition to all that, I have sunberries, 2 kinds of summer squash, sorghum, tomatillos, cardinal vine, purselane 2 kinds of cucumbers, potatoes, coreopis. So much fun.

Oh, and my best boy Jaxx had a birthday on the 9th. He’s 4. Where does the time go? It speeds by us while we’re distracted. So, carpe diem. Enjoy the moments. Be thankful for all of it. It’s so fleeting.

He’s one of the best things in my life. Love him!

I’ll be doing more owls and most branches. And yes, more paintings. Hopefully I can get back to being super prolific soon. That’s my goal, anyways.

I’m thinking of making a page on facebook to showcase the furry babies we love and adore. What do you think?

Ok, I’m rambled on long enough. I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death lol. Not many people to talk to nowadays.
So until next time, take care. And as always, feel free to contact me with questions, inquiries, comments, chitchat, etc.




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