Broken Toyland Newsletter #13, for 2018

Greetings, everyone. I hope whoever reads this, is well.

Happy Father’s Day to the great dads out there, who truly are what it means to be a father. And to all those men who have stepped up and filled the gap left by those who don’t care to be one. I hope your day is a memorable and blessed one.

Here’s what’s new… more Broken Toys…

This is Claude. See if he’s in my shop

Bunny King. See if he’s in my shop

Marydeth. See if she’s in my shop

This is Kai. See if she’s in my shop

This is Ondine. She’s a mermaid, like Kai. Ondine has already sold. She was a big one.

This is Trudy. See if she’s in my shop

This is Amabel. See if she’s my shop

I made a tote bag in this style. Came out cool. This is one side and below is the other
If anyone’s interested in the tote, contact me: , as I have not put it in my shop. Don’t know if I will.

I still have lots of paintings in the shop, all sizes. I lowered the prices on everything, too. There’s too much piling up. So, if anyone’s interested in more than one, please contact me for a special deal.

Thanks for reading this far. The heart below is for you.



RIP – JLT —————– I won’t ever forget you, and your support and love of my silly ol’ art.
Thank you for believing in my ability to create something, that meant something. Thank you for loving Broken Toyland. That always meant so much to me.


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