Broken Toyland Newsletter #12 for 2018

Broken Toys, are what birthed Broken Toyland. It was the name of my first painting, and the dolls followed shortly thereafter. As did the woodcuts. Around 2001 or thereabouts. The ideas had been banging around in my head since years before that, but wasn’t until about 2001, that they started to materialize.

But I stopped doing Broken Toys because I got discouraged. More about that below…

But first, here’s some examples of my new found inspiration to start doing them again.
Most are in my shop.

Lonely Hamster. Find him in my shop. Closeups and other photos to see as well.

When I started doing Broken Toys (one of a kind original doll creations), I never saw anyone else doing them like I did. The only thing that came close, was folk artists.  I have always drawn inspiration from folk art. Then after several years of making them, suddenly others are doing them. I would have thought nothing of it, but they ended up looking too much like mine. At the time, I had also submitted my designs to Hot Topic. They responded to me, telling me they love my art and are interested. That they’d contact me soon about the details. Well, they never did and completely ignored my follow ups and phone calls. Then next thing I know, there’s toys looking like mine in their stores.  Yes, it really happened. This kind of thing makes me sad because there’s so many unique ways to be, instead of copying and stealing from others. This was when I was selling heavily on ebay. I guess that’s part of the price I paid for earning some popularity.

Momma Bird is in my shop. Lots more photos of there, too.

Around 2008, I started to solicit galleries in the area of NM I was moving to. I got into one pretty well known gallery in Santa Fe. I showed my dolls there, my paintings and my wood cuts. I showed at this gallery for about 1.5 years, during 2009-2010. At the end of my time there, another artist suddenly appeared, with dolls too similar to mine and the characters in my art. That really irked me. It appeared that they were soliciting the same galleries and did not live close to the area. They even used part of the name I use to portray myself in my art (which I was also using heavily at the time, in many pieces). There was too much coincidence, so I lost interest in doing them like I did, and went a different direction and focused more on painting the stuffed pieces completely… and my woodcuts… then kind of went off the deep end doing Vouxdoux Dollies. But not long after, everyone and their dog started doing woodcuts lol. I’m not saying I know for a fact they were getting ideas from me. But it was just a little too coincidental when they never did them before, then suddenly are, after commenting about mine lol.

Lonely Kitty #01

But back to Broken Toys…
I’m reclaiming them and am embarking on a full blown creation frenzy. I needed this so badly. This is the direct link to Broken Toyland. And I have become so disconnected and discouraged from it. Doing the dolls again, has given me the much needed inspiration therapy and breath of fresh air that I have been lacking for far too long. Back to the bare roots of it all. It feels incredible. I’m sick of canvases, to tell you the truth. It’s exhausting having to pour your soul out into a painting, when you cannot concentrate or have silence to create… the dolls don’t really require me to get into that deep, dark place, where I need to be undisturbed to work, while extracting pieces of my brokenness. I’m not saying I won’t do canvases. Of course I will. But it’s not going to be my focus right now. I have to do what’s uplifting for me, mentally and emotionally… knowing I’m doing yet another painting that will sit, collecting dust, is beyond depressing.

Lonely Kitty II. Find him in my shop.

I would love to create custom dolls for people. I will be doing all sizes, shapes, crazy,  elaborate, simple… fun fun fun. They can hang or stand or lay around. They are artsy on all sides. They need homes and they promise to keep you company. They’ll hang out all the time and not get weary of your presence.


So, if you like to collect one of a kind original art, that’s on the cheaper side, my dolls fit that description. Broken Toys were a ground breaking thing, I think. I should have never let the plagiarizing upset me to the point of withdrawing from them. And I never will again 😉

If you like them, that’s great. Let me know what you’d like to see made into a doll. I won’t do celebrities and stuff like that… won’t do copies of things like Jack Skellington and Sally, etc. I will do animals and people shapes, themes, etc. Broken Toyland stuff.
These new Broken Toys are a cross between my older ones and my Vouxdoux Dollies. I like it. It’s a good combo. Both are old ideas though. Old becomes new again. Feels right. I just hope people can see them on my social media, because I think they’ll do well.

I have a whole list of names ready to be assigned to girl dolls. This is so much fun 🙂

Feel free to contact me. I do love hearing from you guys.

Oh, I nearly forgot… I did do one canvas since the last newsletter.

Broken Angel. He’s in my shop.

Until next time, take care of yourselves. I hope life is treating you well. And if not, I hope you’re hanging in there and have good friends to lean on to help lighten the load.

love, v




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