Broken Toyland Newsletter #11, for 2018

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope there’s hope in your life.

There isn’t much new art. I’ve been extremely discouraged, due to a major drop in my sales and an increased blocking of my posts on facebook. More about that at the end of the newsletter…

Here’s what’s new:

These are a set of Broken Toyland pillowcases. #01, and I hope to do more. But that will depend if they sell or sit. They’re what I call, negative painting. You remove the colour with bleach, and it leaves a design. So there’s no paint involved, no texture… just a flat normal feeling fabric. These images show all four sides. They are standard sized pillowcases, too, so they’ll fit right on a regular bed pillow.
I would like to do custom orders and designs, too.
This first set is in my etsy shop. Each is a one of a kind original painting. They will last just as long as any pillowcase will, providing you take care of it. No bleach, etc, and they should be nice for a long, long time 😉
They are pre-washed, ironed and ready to use.

Title: Do You Even Notice? (sold)

Title: Impudent. It’s in my shop. Sort of manga inspired, broken toyland style wood cut.

That’s it for new art. Hardly anything has been selling for over a month now. It seems to have come right along with the new changes in the facebook and instagram algorithms.
I have a story to relay. I posted this on my main facebook art page, but I have no idea how many saw it. It needs to be told.
My mom was at the gym last week, and started talking to a guy she sees there sometimes. Come to find out, he works at facebook. She jumped at the opportunity to ask him why the heck her daughter’s business posts are being blocked from view to her followers. He played dumb, of course. When she was persistent, he said it’s because facebook considers posts like mine, unpaid ads. So they block them. Needless to say, I was not shocked, but was furious. This is people’s livelihoods we’re talking about, here. Facebook promised to never charge us. They also  promised, in their own agreement, that if you willingly click ‘like’ on someone’s page, that guarantees you to see that page’s posts. I guess it’s stupid to believe their ‘official narratives’. But I just wanted to make people aware of what’s going on, and why I get so frustrated and keep harping on this. While most people will never understand how maddening this is, trust me. It’s VERY real. And it’s being done on purpose. So know it’s vitally important that when you see posts by a page you like, click LIKE on it the moment you see it. This will help the post gain more visibility. Here’s how it works… when a page owner makes a post, it has about 5 minutes to get 10 likes, to boost organically and be unblocked to more people. 10 more in the next 5 mins after that, does the same, and so on, etc. The more a post gets engagement, the more people will see it. We never asked for this, but facebook foists their rules on us so they can squeeze money out of people like me, to supposedly boost the post to more people. This doesn’t work, as is a scam. This has been proven already a long time ago, so I won’t go into it. For those of us who make our living doing something and have no other means of income, this is a deathblow. And until we find a better social media, we need help. I’m about at my wit’s end with this. I’ve said that before and pushed through somehow. Gotten some sales that took the heavy load off of me so I could think and work. But lately, it’s been so bad, I can’t even describe it. If I can’t do my art, there isn’t anything left. This is what I do. And I doubt that every. single. day.

That said, if anyone gets a set of minis or one of the mediums, I’ll toss in a free one. This little guy, to be exact.
I have 2 sets of minis and 2 mediums, in my shop. Whoever is the first to get any of those, will get this little cute guy for free.

I hope I have better newsletter next time. The last 3 weeks have been horrendous. Lots of stuff going on besides my lack of sales. The combination robs me of my ability to work and concentrate. We never know what someone’s going through. Let’s promise to try and be kind to others. Be thankful for what we have and ‘be the change’ you’d like to see in the world.

Until next time…
…v (the broken)

raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa ca443f4786


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