Broken Toyland Newsletter #09 for 2018


Here’s the newest art:

Click here to see if they’re still in the shop.

Click here to find them in my shop.

This is Mr. Gatz II. He’s sold, but there’s another like him…

Click here to find him in my shop.

 Click here to find it in my shop. It’s a medium sized one.

This is an older pieces that’s been sitting in my living room for a long while. It’s about time it found a home. Broken Toyland Flower Pot #02, is currently in my shop. Click here to see. There’s a lot of photos on the shop page.

I will be having more sets of minis, tomorrow, with plenty more coming. Also some pyrography stuff is in the works.

I wrote a note on my facebook art page about another thing I’ve had in mind a long time. Might be of interest. You can find it here.

That’s all for now. Until next time, take care.




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