Broken Toyland Newsletter 03# for 2018


Hello. I hope it’s warmer where you are lol. It’s been in the low teens over night, here in the high elevations of central NM. Brrrrr!!! Warming to the 50’s during the day (relief).

Since the last newsletter, I have done some much needed cleaning, reorganizing and throwing away junk, in my studio. And I have found a bunch of unfinished art and prints. Here is a link to my facebook post with the found prints. Each image has all the specs (size, finish, etc). If anyone’s interested in one or some of these, email me: I will give great deals on multiples, too. Most are 11×14, which is a nice big size. But I also have 16×20’s, which is huge. I have two types in that size. Most of these found prints are older that I don’t really make available anymore. I also have the newer-ish ones I posted in the #01 newsletter for 2018.

Here’s the new art I have… these are all partially done paintings I found when cleaning lol. But they’re finished now, so yay for that 😉

Title: Adapting. Find it in my etsy shop.

Title: Waiting. Find it in my etsy shop.

Title: One Armed Clown. This one isn’t in my shop, but if you’re interested, just email me:

Title: Little Snail. This one isn’t in my shop, but if interested, you can email me:

I’ve also started sewing some cute little kawaii style plushie type toys (not really for little kids, but for big kids lol). A couple of them are in my etsy shop but not all. I’ll say which under each image.

Title: Cactus 01. It’s in my etsy shop.

Title: Cactus 02. Not available. I gave this to my daughter for her birthday on the 24th.

Title: Cactus 03. It’s in my etsy shop.

This one is my bunny prototype. Just playing with ideas.

Little Plop lol. My mom thinks these are cupcake tops. We know the truth.

These are buttons, but gave me the idea to make a little plushie lol.

Cloudies 01 and 02. Not in my shop, but email me at if interested.

New character: Mr. Gatz. (already sold)

Ghosties 01-06 (these are really tiny). If interested, email me at


That’s all the new art for now. I’ve got new stuff near daily. You can friend me on facebook if you don’t want to miss anything. And if you have questions about anything, please feel free to email me.

A few photos before I go…

We FINALLY got a proper snow. It’s almost completely melted now, but we really needed the moisture. Thankful for that. But I still do not like the intense cold.

When it’s warm enough to melt some snow off the roof, but cold enough to freeze it into icicles on the way down.

My rosemary bushes don’t seem to mind.

Jaxx sure doesn’t mind lol. He’s having a good ol’ time.

Jaxx is under dressed for such weather. He needs a sweater…

There we go lol.

Ok, I’m done sharing photos lol.

So until next time, take care…



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