Broken Toyland Newsletter #16 for 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! My hope and prayer for you all, is as you reflect on 2017… its details and events, you can put some things to rest, find hope, forgiveness and thankfulness and welcome the new year with a clean slate. I’m not one for making resolutions… I make them all year long lol. But if you are so inclined, may yours be successful, with good intentions. I think 2018 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year! 😉


Please be safe in your celebrations tonight. And if you don’t go out, be safe in whatever you do. If you’re lonely, email me . I can’t stand the thought of anyone being sad and alone due to depression or whatever. Just don’t be isolated unless you want to be. Very often, I like to be. But not always. I’ll probably be playing World of Warcraft, per usual lol. If any of you would like to join in, contact me and I can send you an invite. I’ve been playing for almost 8 years now (in March it will be 8 years), and it’s just so much fun. I don’t watch any tv (and haven’t for about 11-12 years now) so this is my fun time.


There’s an 18% discount off everything in my etsy shop until midnight, January 3rd. I think I made it so the discount will auto apply to all items, but if not, you can enter the code, HAPPYNEWYEAR at check out. And if you use a mobile device for that, make sure your etsy app is updated. Some of the options won’t show up if you need an update.

I have one new painting since the last newsletter. I haven’t much felt like painting. That, in and of itself, is depressing. I love to paint but with my sales being so gigantically low, it doesn’t help with inspiration. Especially when I see my couch disappearing under a pile of new art lol. I ended up pulling all my newest ones out of my etsy shop and taking it to the local gallery (Masks Y Mas, in Albuquerque) that’s been showing my art, since before moving here. So almost 10 years. All the social media platforms will block your posts now, if you’re trying to sell something (unless you pay them). The little money I’m making, is mostly now coming from this gallery. It’s not much, but it’s something I’m very thankful for.

So, here’s the newest one, titled, Cuervo Negro:
This is another painting inspired by the music of Cuervo Negro. A band from El Paso, TX. They do indrumental, very trippy, kind of old cowbow on the prairie music. I just love it.
(you can check them out on youtube, here, follow on IG, @cuervo_negro_music and listen on soundcloud, here.) Almost spooky balladeer type stuff. Hard to define, but super cool.

The only Broken Toyland character in the piece, is the lone raven silhouette, flying near silently through the forest of dark trees. You can see his reflection in the water beneath his low flight path. Life can be like that… like you’re navigating through a dark forest. But one thing’s for sure… life isn’t actually a dark forest. And there is always a spark of hope to find. And always something to be thankful for. ALWAYS. That’s my goal.

I will be doing more abstract pieces like this. I feel like I’m running out of things to say with Broken Toyland. But maybe it’s just another phase. We shall see. I do know that Broken Toyland has been a healing journey for me. And it served me well. It got me through some exquisitely painful and tough times. Those things became art. But that cannot be all there is to say and paint about. It shouldn’t be never ending.

I hope your Christmas was a nice one, filled with good memories and blessings.

That said, I will again wish you all a very Happy New Year. Bid 2017 a fond (or even not so fond lol) farewell, and let’s be the change we’d like to see, in 2018. What do you say? You with me?

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you’re saying goodbye to, from 2017, and hello to, for 2018. And I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love,






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