Broken Toyland Newsletter #13 for 2017

Greetings. New art and some great discounts in my etsy shop. AND free items with every purchase. I need to thin out the amassed art. That’s good news for customers ❤

Use the codes below, at checkout, to get 100$ off purchases of 300$ or more, or 50$ off purchases of 200$ or more. If you want 15% off 30$ or more, you can enter code, MERRYCHRISTMAS, at checkout.

100off300 code:

If you have any questions at all, about any of this, feel free to contact me.


Here’s the new art:

Title: Mermaid And The Raven King (there has a short story, too. I’ll post it below)
Find it in my etsy shop
Title: Mermaid and Raven King II.
Find it in my etsy shop


I have 12 ornaments left and will not be making more. Some of which are in this photo, below. But not all. Some of those have sold. You have to go to my etsy shop to see what’s available.


If anyone wants several or even all, message me and I’ll give you a super deal.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone is well and having a good December.




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