Broken Toyland Newsletter #07 2017

Greetings, from Broken Toyland.

I lowered the prices on most of the items in my etsy shop. Go check it out. And if you want more than one, contact me for an extra discount.

A few new pieces:


Patched. Find it in my etsy shop.


Harbinger. Find it in my etsy shop.


Some more Little Marydeth’s. All but #06 are in my etsy shop. First inverted one, too.


The Door Is Open… Do You Want To Be Free? Find it in my etsy shop.


Oh, Bunny. Find him in my etsy shop.


I have a request. I’m sure many of you have heard me go on about how facebook is blocking my posts to the nearly 4,200 fans who have ‘liked’ the page. Each time I post, an average of 5-10 people see my posts. This, out of four thousand two hundred people. I used to sell 99% of everything I posted, within 48 hours of posting. Now, barely anything. If it’s not too much trouble to ask if you’ll choose to be notified when I post, and to ‘see first’, I would really appreciate it. Also to click the ‘like’ button as soon as you see posts. This is the only way more people will see. I cannot afford to pay FB to boost my posts. It’s a full blow scam, anyways. Please help me out in this. It doesn’t cost you anything and it might help keep me going. It’s extremely stressful and hard, as it is now. I post, knowing no one will see. I go through regular bouts of, “I’m just going to quit!” But I keep on, regardless. And there’s a handful of you who really do help me SO MUCH, in that aspect. I am so hugely grateful. Thank you.


Other stuff…


Sunrise and sunset, from August 22, 2017. I love the peacefulness during these times.


This huge raven was sitting on the power line, by the sunrise. You can see it reflecting off the right hand side of him. I love these gorgeous birds.


How about some red chile stew? NM cuisine is the best 😉


On a disturbing note…


This is a wasp next I uncovered. It was underneath a huge antique glass insulator (for a power pole?) that I have as a decoration in my front yard. It was set on top of a large strawberry pot. I kept seeing wasps going in there and figured they might be trying to make a nest. And lately I’ve been buzzed by these guys whenever I’m outside. Driving me nuts, too. I decided to peek under there to see what’s going on. Well, as soon as I barely lifted the edge of the insulator with the end of a broom handle, it fell off onto the ground, revealing this mess. So horrifying 😡 I ended up spraying it with wasp spray. So no more of this particular nest. I can bet there’s one inside my large rusty metal boar I have standing outside. I’ve seen them entering the mouth. So much fun lol. I don’t know if guys are immune to such tasks, but I will never get used to it. I hate it hate it hate it lol. Women, be thankful if you have men around to do this kind of thing for you lol. Be nice to the guy who willingly does it, too.



I have to include a super cute photo of my best boy Jaxx. He says, “Hi”.

That’s all for this newsletter. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.




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