Broken Toyland Newsletter #06 2017

Greetings. I hope this August Sunday finds you well.


I skipped last week because I feel like I’m bothering people. As a result, I’m starting to get reluctant to create and send the newsletter. So if you receive my email and would rather not, just reply with UNSUB and I’ll remove you. Onto the art 🙂



Title: These Birdies Live In A Pink Dragon House. Click here to see more info on the piece.



Title: You Have The Key. Click here to see more info on the piece.



These three etegami paintings that I posted before, are now framed and available. Click here to check them out.


Also been doing a lot of BunnyHeads minis.

Marydeth, being the star. So I have made a bunch of her.


They’re about 45$, which includes shipping. If you want one, contact me.


On a personal note…
After my total rebellion against etsy and my 2 months away from it, I have decided to add listings again. Yes, I’m going back and forth. I’m trying to find something that works, so that means trying everything. Even several times and multiple ways. It’s very time consuming to put everything on my website, building the codes and uploading, etc. I decided to do both for awhile and see how it goes. I know that etsy will bring me customers my website won’t. Plus, while they have their fees, I do not get charged the paypal fee with etsy payments. There’s a lot to it. But anyways, that’s what I’m doing now.

In case you didn’t know, I do commissions. But I do not do rush orders. I require time and dialog with you… asking lots of questions to form unique, personal commissions. My commission policy is half up front, to begin a piece (after we’ve narrowed down exactly what I’ll be painting), then, once completed, the balance is due, plus shipping. If you’re interested in having a Broken Toyland commission done, contact me.

So, until next time: be safe and have a great upcoming week.

haveagoodday …v


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