Broken Toyland Newsletter 03, 2017

Happy Sunday. I hope your weekend has been a nice one 🙂

Due to a lack of art supplies lately, I’ve been digging out some small particle board pieces and painting on them. I’ve created 2, sets. The newest one is a tryptich, with some super old characters, called, starries. They’re just goofy little Broken Toyland stars. Over the years, some with wings, some without. Some with two eyes, some with one. All kinds of expressions.

Here’s the latest tryptich, titled, 9 Starries:

Each section is 3×4 inches. Acrylic on antique paper covered particle board, ready to hang together, like this, or separate.

Here’s some closeups:

If anyone wants these cute little guys, contact me:

I also did a set of 4, on circular pieces. Here’s a small video:


Right now in my website shop, I have 20 original paintings available. Not counting these starries sets, above. Also 14 prints available, currently. Mostly of older art. Each is an 11×14 print on premium archival paper. Ready to drop right into a standard 11×14 frame (with glass). They are signed on the back.

On another note… today is my best buddy’s birthday! Jaxx is 3 years old. The best friend, EVER. I love my boy ❤


Jaxx is the best dog in the world. At least to me lol. He’s such a joy to be with every day. Providing he’s not being reckless and needing a trip to the vet. He plays so hard and is so full of energy and lately he hurt his left front leg or foot. Vet couldn’t determine the location for the limp so ordered him to be on a leash while out, at all times, and not running. It hasn’t been easy lol.
Been trying to think of how I can do something fun for him on his birthday, but no sales = no money. It will have to be postponed. That makes me feel terrible, but I know he understands ❤

Took these today, too. The birthday boy ❤ Doesn’t matter if he’s sleepy, yawning, rolling around on his back… he’s just the cutest dog ever.

Back to business… If anyone is serious about making a purchase of more than one painting, I’ll give you a super deal. Just contact me and we’ll make it happen! 😀
Contact me:

That’s it for this newsletter. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Until then, take care.



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