Broken Toyland Newsletter #01, 2017

Unfortunately, over the years, I took the easy route, of posting everything on facebook and being very pleased with the fact that 99% of all those pieces of art, sold within a day or so. But things have changed and I’m

-Taking Back Control-

Yes, it’s much harder. There’s more work and more annoyances. I will get used to it. But I am in full control again, of all things Broken Toyland. There are no more middle men, no more off site shops that charge me fees and withhold money from me, etc. I will now be selling my art directly to you from

Please click the form below to be added to the newsletter mailing list. You will receive a notice once, maybe twice a week, with new art, discounts and sales alerts, news, etc. I will never share your email or use it for anything other than this.

My wordpress account, here, will be where my newsletters will be, so it will be easy to cruise through previous entries.

Here’s some of my newest paintings:

Bunnyguard –


I Understand I’m A Liability – available art, here:


I’m Sorry – available art, here:

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