Broken Toyland Newsletter #11, for 2018

Happy Sunday, everyone. I hope there’s hope in your life.

There isn’t much new art. I’ve been extremely discouraged, due to a major drop in my sales and an increased blocking of my posts on facebook. More about that at the end of the newsletter…

Here’s what’s new:

These are a set of Broken Toyland pillowcases. #01, and I hope to do more. But that will depend if they sell or sit. They’re what I call, negative painting. You remove the colour with bleach, and it leaves a design. So there’s no paint involved, no texture… just a flat normal feeling fabric. These images show all four sides. They are standard sized pillowcases, too, so they’ll fit right on a regular bed pillow.
I would like to do custom orders and designs, too.
This first set is in my etsy shop. Each is a one of a kind original painting. They will last just as long as any pillowcase will, providing you take care of it. No bleach, etc, and they should be nice for a long, long time 😉
They are pre-washed, ironed and ready to use.

Title: Do You Even Notice? (sold)

Title: Impudent. It’s in my shop. Sort of manga inspired, broken toyland style wood cut.

That’s it for new art. Hardly anything has been selling for over a month now. It seems to have come right along with the new changes in the facebook and instagram algorithms.
I have a story to relay. I posted this on my main facebook art page, but I have no idea how many saw it. It needs to be told.
My mom was at the gym last week, and started talking to a guy she sees there sometimes. Come to find out, he works at facebook. She jumped at the opportunity to ask him why the heck her daughter’s business posts are being blocked from view to her followers. He played dumb, of course. When she was persistent, he said it’s because facebook considers posts like mine, unpaid ads. So they block them. Needless to say, I was not shocked, but was furious. This is people’s livelihoods we’re talking about, here. Facebook promised to never charge us. They also  promised, in their own agreement, that if you willingly click ‘like’ on someone’s page, that guarantees you to see that page’s posts. I guess it’s stupid to believe their ‘official narratives’. But I just wanted to make people aware of what’s going on, and why I get so frustrated and keep harping on this. While most people will never understand how maddening this is, trust me. It’s VERY real. And it’s being done on purpose. So know it’s vitally important that when you see posts by a page you like, click LIKE on it the moment you see it. This will help the post gain more visibility. Here’s how it works… when a page owner makes a post, it has about 5 minutes to get 10 likes, to boost organically and be unblocked to more people. 10 more in the next 5 mins after that, does the same, and so on, etc. The more a post gets engagement, the more people will see it. We never asked for this, but facebook foists their rules on us so they can squeeze money out of people like me, to supposedly boost the post to more people. This doesn’t work, as is a scam. This has been proven already a long time ago, so I won’t go into it. For those of us who make our living doing something and have no other means of income, this is a deathblow. And until we find a better social media, we need help. I’m about at my wit’s end with this. I’ve said that before and pushed through somehow. Gotten some sales that took the heavy load off of me so I could think and work. But lately, it’s been so bad, I can’t even describe it. If I can’t do my art, there isn’t anything left. This is what I do. And I doubt that every. single. day.

That said, if anyone gets a set of minis or one of the mediums, I’ll toss in a free one. This little guy, to be exact.
I have 2 sets of minis and 2 mediums, in my shop. Whoever is the first to get any of those, will get this little cute guy for free.

I hope I have better newsletter next time. The last 3 weeks have been horrendous. Lots of stuff going on besides my lack of sales. The combination robs me of my ability to work and concentrate. We never know what someone’s going through. Let’s promise to try and be kind to others. Be thankful for what we have and ‘be the change’ you’d like to see in the world.

Until next time…
…v (the broken)

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Broken Toyland Newsletter #10 for 2018

Hello everyone. I sincerely hope whoever is reading this, is well hearts02

Here’s what’s new, art-wise:


I have two active coupon codes for my shop. They are:

15OFF and FREESHIP – May 05 – 09 (ends when the clock strikes midnight on the 9th)

You can enter 15OFF for 15% off your total purchase, at checkout. If you’re using a mobile device, make sure your etsy app is up to date or you might not even have an option to enter a coupon code.
You can enter FREESHIP for free shipping off your total purchase. (U.S. only.) Again, if using a mobile device, make sure your etsy app is up to date or the coupon code option might not show up.

My sales have taken a sharp drop in the past 2 weeks and that’s usually when I start offering discounts. Take advantage. It benefits both of us.

Title: Time To Rejoin The World, 16×20, multimedia on canvas.
I have closeups of it in my shop.
This painting depicts a suggestion for those of us who have been hiding away from the world, due to issues like ptsd, etc, who have found being in society is too much to bear. But you can’t live like that forever. I guess I’m talking to myself more than anything. There’s a whole world out there. The circle in this painting that stands for the earth, is an old Copernicus chart of the solar system. I could not fine a globe 😉 But it’s cool like it is. I tried to make the girl look like she’s giant, standing on a universe of life. Kind of like the milky way, but made of flowers, tears and other things. And she’s pointing to the world, saying, “There’s so much more to experience, so come in out of the darkness.” But sometimes hiding in the darkness is safe… or so we tell ourselves…
But seriously… one day we will all breathe our last. In the meantime, remember also to live. Memento Mori… Memento Vivere. <— that is the point. Which brings me to the next painting. I did this next one prior to the one above. More synchronicity…

Title: You Can’t Live Inside An Old Teardrop Forever, 12×12, multimedia on canvas.
You can see closeups in my shop.
She said (to herself), “You can’t live inside (the prison of) an old teardrop forever. Trust me, honey, the colour will return to your world, and the grey filter will fade away…”
The point being, don’t hold onto the dead past. I don’t know why we do that, exactly. I think it’s because we think we loved or need a thing (or person) so badly… we do not want to let go. Even if the only thing we have to hold on to is a dead past. Even an abusive past. We romanticize about it, forever how destructive, hurtful or bad it was. It’s a mystery to me…

I want to share a poem I read this morning, in the book, The Reason, by Lacey Sturm. It’s a poem someone else wrote for her, and it fits so incredibly perfect right now. More synchronicity. So I’m going to share it here. It’s written by a young woman named Taylor:


Wow… bullseye. For me, anyways. Navigating back into a world of light and life, is a difficult one, after being in the dark for so long. PTSD is nothing to scoff at. Which is what I did, the first time I heard it from  a doctor (forever ago). I do not want to keep painting things that affirm someone’s depression, in a way that makes them comfortable in it and see no other way. I mean, I want people to know they are not alone… that someone really does understand. But also not encourage them to remain in that place. You can curl up with it, or you can stand up and walk. It’s easier to curl up, I can tell you that. Standing up and walking (away from the comfort of hiding), is NOT easy. But it will eventually start to lessen. Nature has a way of curing those types of things. Being outside, in the sunshine… in life… in creation… being with your pets, being creative… eating real food instead of junk… that’s just the beginning.
But I want to paint things that show hope. I feel like I’ve weakly tried, then gone back to the comfortable. The dark. Not because it’s trendy but because it’s what I know so well. It’s my comfort zone. Even though it’s life sucking.

Anyway, enough about that. I didn’t plan on writing the above. It flowed out, so I’m keeping it real.

Title: Owl Constellation

And whoever is the first to buy any of my mini woodcuts sets, will receive the Little Cup piece, below:

I’ve also started a new shabby doll series called, Intention Dollies. They are meant to be reminders.

Intention Dollie #01, is in the shop

Intention Dollie #02, is also in the shop. This one comes with a little blank, cloth book, that you can write your intentions, hopes, affirmations, etc, in. It stows in the little front pocket, too. Check out the pics in the shop for more.

I also grouped the remainder of my Little Marydeth, minis. You get 3 in a set.
These are in the shop.

There are a LOT of one of a kind original paintings available right now. As well as 2 bowling pins, one flower pot with skull flowers and still some prints left. Prints come in 11×14 and 16×20.


If you made it this far, thank you.Z
As always, feel free to contact me with questions, comments or just to say HI.
I’m always available for that.

So, until next time, take care and keep hoping.



Broken Toyland Newsletter #09 for 2018


Here’s the newest art:

Click here to see if they’re still in the shop.

Click here to find them in my shop.

This is Mr. Gatz II. He’s sold, but there’s another like him…

Click here to find him in my shop.

 Click here to find it in my shop. It’s a medium sized one.

This is an older pieces that’s been sitting in my living room for a long while. It’s about time it found a home. Broken Toyland Flower Pot #02, is currently in my shop. Click here to see. There’s a lot of photos on the shop page.

I will be having more sets of minis, tomorrow, with plenty more coming. Also some pyrography stuff is in the works.

I wrote a note on my facebook art page about another thing I’ve had in mind a long time. Might be of interest. You can find it here.

That’s all for now. Until next time, take care.



Broken Toyland Newsletter #08 for 2018


I hope everyone had a nice holiday on April 01.

I have 2 new bowling pins and a bunch of BunnyHeads minis.
There’s also a coupon code active in my shop, until the clock strikes midnight on the 9th, for 15% off purchases 99 and up. The code is: 15OFF. You’ll enter that at checkout on one or combined items. Also note that if your etsy app on your phone, isn’t updated, you might not find a place to enter the code. Make sure it’s up to date! 😉

Now, on to the new art!

Bowling Pin #14. Find it in my shop <—

Bowling Pin #15. Find it in my shop <—

I put videos up in both my instastories and facebook stories. Friend me on facebook to have access to those, or follow me on instagram, @btland.





I will be having new minis in the shop later on today, as well. I’ll post them on my social media when they become available.



These are from last year, but 3 of them are still available. All but #06. If you want all, I will give you a great deal. Just contact me and we’ll discuss it.

That’s it for now. Lots more coming so stay tuned. And if you want to make sure you don’t miss a social media post, there’s a few things you can do:
friend me on facebook
follow me on instagram
but with those two, you will have to take extra measures to make sure you see my posts. Like being notified or whatever they’re having us do now.
You can also:
follow me on GAB
follow me on twitter

Until next time, friends. Take care.
…valery hearts02

My best boy Jaxx, says hi! 😉


Broken Toyland Newsletter #07 for 2018

Hello, all

Just dropping a quick newsletter with new art.

Broken Toyland Bowling Pin #13. I haven’t done one of these in ages. Thought it was about time. You can find it in my shop.

I did a couple abstract paintings because I just felt like doing some. I put them on my ebay, not my usual etsy shop. They’re large (16×20) and pretty cheap. Figured maybe they’d sell, since that type of thing is real popular now. We’ll see.

Krummholz, 16×20. Find it here.

Outside The City, 16×20. Find it here.

Here is a XL angel bunny I did for a commission. 3 feet tall and about as wide. It was tough! They come out great looking but oh my goodness, they’re hard to do!

Angel Bunny (commission). Want one? I can do more. Just ask.

Bottle Of Tears. This one is 2 feet tall and is in my shop.

Pickle! She already found a home 🙂

Little Pink Penapus. Cute little guy is in in my shop.

Strawberry Ice Cream Cone. This one isn’t in my shop. I was going to give it to whoever bought the Pentapus, if they asked for it. It’s small, like 6 inches long or so, and can hang or stand, like Pentapus.
I’ll also be having more small ones coming up soon. All kinds of stuff.

I still have prints. They’re all in the shop.

I’m working on a bowling pin right now. I haven’t done one of those in ages. But hopefully it will be finished today. I will post it around on my socials when it’s done and it will go in my shop. If you want more than one, let me know. I’ll combine shipping and give you a better price.


I must share this incredible sunset photo I was lucky enough to capture, last night.

Isn’t that something? Just takes my breath away.

That’s it for now.
Thanks and take care

…v raw




Broken Toyland Newsletter #06 for 2018

Hello everyone hearts02 I hope all is well.

If you’re interested in prints, I really want to get rid of them, so I’ll do 2 for the price of 1. This is not reflected in my shop, so you’ll have to email me about it.

I also have a bunch of small art that has been in the shop too long. I will list them below. Just scroll down to see what’s available and what kind of deal I’m offering. And if you happen to want more than 1 thing, contact me for a better deal. But before that, I want to show you what I’ve been working on for more than a week. It’s a large piece, titled: The Disconnected Downfall Of Humanity. It is depicted in 3 main characters. All females, with animal hats. A bunny, a bear and a fox. Each appears as a severed head because people nowadays, are becoming increasingly detached from reality, literally losing their heads (sanity) over stuff that doesn’t matter in the large scope. Reacting, instead of responding. There’s a big difference in the two.
The bottom, you see a heart being held by tentacles belonging to who knows what, down below the painting. Don’t let anything steal your heart and mind. Respond, instead of react. Listen, think and ask questions, instead of assuming and acting out on your assumption. We all have choices. We need to pull together, not disconnect.
If anyone is interested in this large piece, email me.


This is the whole painting, 16×60, multimedia on wood. The wood is from an old dresser that I used to store my art supplies in. It was the very top of the dresser. It got damaged beyond repair during my move from soCal to NM. I’ve held onto it for 9 years, trying to paint something on it 3 times now. 3rd is a charm? This one’s gonna stay.
It needs a home. I doubt I will put it in my shop…

Some closeup shots





Here’s some other new art (the older stuff on sale is at the bottom)

Title: Shine Your Light (even if you think it’s dim) It’s in my shop.

Title: Terminally Broken. It’s in my shop.

Title: Little Angel Bunny. It’s in my shop.

Title: When They’ve Shown You Your Worth. It’s in my shop.

Title: Disconnected From Reality. It’s in my shop.

Title: Nothing Left To Say (sold)

Now here’s the older stuff:

Title: Waiting. This is a small one. Was 45, now it’s 35. Find it in my shop.

Title: Harbinger. Was 70, now is 50. It’s small but not tiny. Find it in my shop.

3 small, 5×7, framed etegami paintings. 35 for all. Find them in my shop.

4 Starries. Get all for 30. Find them in my shop.

Bunny Struggles. a small folding frame with 5 etegami paintings. It was 45, now it’s 35.  It’s in my shop.

3 mini owl paintings. They were 65, now 45 for all. They’re in my shop.

3 Little Marydeth’s. They are all listed separately in my shop, at very reduced prices. But if you’d like the set, contact me for a better deal. In the shop, 05 is now 25, 07 is now 28 and 08 is now 30. If you want all, 55, plus shipping. Look at them in my shop for details.

Dia Del Conejito. This is a custom painted paper mache day of the dead bunny. He can sit on top of a shelf, on a  table, wherever. He was 150, now is 90, in the shop.

There’s lots of new art in the shop and lots of prints. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and certainly if you’d like to get more than one, so I can give you a better deal 🙂

In other news, I’m now starting to be active on other social media that I’ve set on the backburners a long time ago. Those are: bitchute, google+ and gab. If you use those platforms, find me 🙂 I also have a brand new acct on Vero (phone app). Really trying to branch out and try everything. If you know of any newish, growing socials, contact me and let me know what’s great. It takes a lot of time, but I have to keep trying.

Before I say goodbye…

Here’s a cool photo I was lucky enough to catch the other night. I saw it out the bedroom window as I was walking by, and it just took my breath away.


And here’s my best boy Jaxx. Such a blessing to have him.


That’s it for now. I’ll write again in a couple weeks. Until then, take good care.

…v hearts02



Broken Toyland Newsletter #05, for 2018

haveagoodday  Hello everyone!

There’s a sale going on right now… 15% off anything 40$ and up. It will be automatically applied to your purchase or combined purchases, so no need to mess with any code 🙂

There’s some new art and lots of prints. Most prints are 11×14, but I do have 2 designs in 16×20. Those are big! You can find them all in my shop.

Now, onto the new art!

Title: Ladders To The Stars – Find it in my shop.

Title: Someday I’ll Wish Upon A Star – Find it in my shop.

Title: A Galaxy Of Outsiders – Find it in my shop.

Title: Bringin’ Home The Rain – Find it in my shop.

If you’re interested in prints, when you’re looking at my shop listings, it will say, PRINT, in the title. 11×14’s are 30$ and 16×20’s are 50$. But there’s also a 15% discount on 40$ and up, so take advantage. It ends at midnight, the 28th of February.

That’s it for now. Please feel free to email me any time with any inquiries or questions. I’ll be happy to answer. So until next time, take good care of yourselves hearts02
Thanks for your interest.
Yours Truly, Valery