Broken Toyland Newsletter #14, for 2019


Well, it sure has been a long time since I updated this blog. I hope everyone is well.
I have a lot of art to show you: three 16×20 paintings that I did recently, as well as a ton of Christmas Ornaments for 2019. I am still producing the ornaments, as well as some small paintings for affordable art Christmas gifts and will continue in this mode until sometime in mid December. So if you want ornaments, now’s the time to keep an eye on my patreon, my facebook , my instagram or other socials postings with those items.

In the meantime, my beloved work computer died and I’ve been stuck in finding someone to help me recover the data. And also finding a new computer that I’d be happy with. Trying to work as fast as I can on art, is taking most of my time. But it’ll get done eventually. I’d just assume forget about it lol. It throws an unwanted monkey wrench into my routine.

I don’t know about you, but we went from summer, to winter, here in high elevation north/central NM. Then my furnace broke lol. Took almost a month to get it fixed. Yee haw, what fun lol. Very thankful that all those years ago, I decided to get a wood burning stove put in the living room. It was super nice having a fire. I love it. But it’s also super nice having a new furnace, as the days get colder. We’ve already had 4 snowfalls in the last month. I’ll post some photos I took yesterday at the end of this newsletter. They’re just too pretty not to share.

Anyways, let’s get to the art…

Dancing In The Fire Light, 16×20, acrylic and ink on canvas. You can find it in my shop

The Elder Forest (in broken toyland), 16×20, acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

Gathering In The Elder Forest, 16×20, acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

Winter Birdie 01, 3×4, acrylic, ink and glitter on wood. This one is NOT in my shop. If interested, contact me at Just go there and click CONTACT to send me an email. If you msg me here, I might not see it. They don’t notify me via email.
Here’s a closeup of the glittery edges:
The red glitter is much darker than shown. Without my photoshop, it’s impossible for me to adjust them to get them looking like they’re supposed to.

line-clipart-page-break-7Now, for the Christmas ornaments!

This one is the only extra large one I have this year. It’s acrylic, ink, some paper and glitter on ceramic. Contact me from my website if interested. And here’s a couple closeups, below:


I am making a LOT of these sets of 3. These have all sold (they go fast) but I have more coming. Keep a close eye on my socials. Or better still, my patreon. If you subscribe with any amount, you’ll be the first to see new art as it’s created.  Also, if you subscribe to Tier 2 (rampart), you will get a monthly art gift as a ‘thank you for your support’.

These are the ceramic ones I always do. I have lots more coming in stars, hearts, circles, stockings, snowmen, candycanes, angels, etc. These two above, have sold, but more are coming! Stay tuned.

These three are available. Trees are 3×4.75 and hearts are 3.5×4. All are acrylic, ink, paper and glitter on ceramic. Contact me from if interested.

If any of you have requests for characters (animals, subject matter, etc) on ornaments, email me and let me know. I’m on a roll here!


To wrap this newsletter up, I just want to share some New Mexico beauty with you.

This is around the corner from my house. I feel so blessed when I see views like this.

This fence very New Mexico. It’s called a coyote fence. On the way to the post office, I passed it and noticed the little piles of snow atop each log. Art in nature. I had to come back for a shot.

This is actually at my local post office. You’d think you were in a forest, were it not for the edge of the parking lot on the middle left portion of the photo. Just gorgeous.

Even a giant melted snow pond in the street, makes for a beautiful shot.

In the distance, you see the snow covered mountains to the north, behind Santa Fe. This photo and the previous ones, were all taken on November 22nd.

This was taken out my bedroom window, on November 21st. I had no idea snow was forecast, and I check often. They end up telling you there’s 100% chance of snow, after the fact lol. It dumped all. day. long. But was slowly melting the whole time, so it wasn’t too bad. Just really cold. And thank God, we just got the new furnace a couple days before that! We still have snow on the ground today but it’s patchy and melting into mud. That’s always fun when I let Jaxx outside lol. Speaking of…

This boy of mine, loves to sit in the chairs outside and get some sun. Yesterday was no different. Only there was snow in all the chairs lol. After standing up on each one, and walking around on it, he finally just sat down and owned his right to sun himself lol. He didn’t seem phased at all by the snow under his bottom. The goof. I only let him stay up there for the photo. Didn’t want him getting a frozen behind lol.

Ok folks, that’s it for now. I will be posting a couple more times here before the year’s end. Not going to forget and let it go for another 1.5 months.


Have a happy Thanksgiving, too. I hope your day is filled with genuine thankfulness and love. I’ll probably make some food and settle in to playing world of warcraft, like usual lol.

So long for now. Until next time, take care ❤




Broken Toyland Newsletter #13, for 2019


It’s been a month since the last newsletter. I have been mainly caught up in commissions and deaths in my family. Not much to show, but here’s what’s new:

This is a little set I made, all small custom cut and painted pieces of wood. It sold within 5 minutes after posting. Reminded me of the good ol’ days. I miss that.

A set of 6. Also sold. I do have one set left though…

This is a set of 5, and as of right now, is AVAILABLE in my shop. CLICK HERE.

Set of 5, also sold.

The first 3. These went to my much appreciated Patrons. I hope they liked them.

Find this one in my shop.

And here’s the one commission that took up a couple weeks of my life. Worth it though.
Sunflower Dreams, 18×24, acrylic and ink on canvas.

line-clipart-page-break-7I still have a lot of orphan art in my shop that could use forever homes.
And I still have some Christmas Ornaments that I made last month. I haven’t made any more since and might not make more, unless I think people actually want them. They always ask, so I make, then don’t buy lol. So let me know. I have tons of blank ornaments that I went and bought so there’s potential for a lot more. I need motivation though.

line-clipart-page-break-7Anyways, that’s all for now.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me from Just click CONTACT and shoot me a message.
Until next time, take care…




Broken Toyland Newsletter #12, for 2019

Hello again.

Here’s what’s new:
Almost all pieces in my shop have been reduced to move them out. Too much piling up.
I’ve started making some new mini bunnyheads (wood cutouts).
No new Christmas ornaments… going to wait awhile. people always start asking me around July, so I start in August. I don’t think I’m going to do that anymore. People ask, then don’t get any lol. I’ll wait until November or maybe October to start showing them.
I’m still undecided.

Anyway, here’s the new art:

I Wish We Could Ride To The Moon, 8×10, ink and acrylic on canvas. This one is most likely sold later today. If not, I’ll put it in my shop.

Blue Ghosties 01 and 02. 2.5×5.5 and 4×6.5, ink and acrylic on custom cut wood. Find them in my shop.

The Very Last Heart Of Gold, 8×10, ink and acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

Just Turn Away And Say Goodbye, 12×16, acrylic on canvas. This one IS in my shop.

Lots more in the works.
A lot of BunnyHeads coming.
Some new ragdolls coming, too.

If you are at all interested in supporting my art without making a purchase, you can do so here, at my patreon. I have two subscription options, but you can customize your own, as well.

If you want custom Christmas ornaments, now’s the time to start thinking about what you want and getting in touch with me about it. Also if you would like to have something special made for a loved one.

That’s it for now.
In the meantime, take care.


Broken Toyland Newsletter #11, for 2019

To whoever is reading this, greetings. Thank you for having a look here.

I have some new paintings and some ornaments. Not posting the ornas, but here’s a link to see them on my patreon

I have a special painting that has a short story that goes with it. I will post that last.
But first, here’s the other new ones:

Ghosties In The Desert Sunset, 8×10. Find it in my shop.

Banditos, 8×10. Find it in my shop.

IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW – All prices in my shop include shipping! It will say how much shipping is included in the price. Just read the text under each piece. However, this does not apply to anyone outside the USA. If you are outside the USA, and want to make a purchase, please contact me for a shipping quote. Click contact at to email me.


They Finally Found The Note (down by the lake), 12×16. You can find it in my shop but also if you want to read the story that goes with it, you can do so here, at my patreon.

That about does it for now.
Take care


Broken Toyland Newsletter #10, for 2019


Hey everyone. August is flying by, isn’t it? I hope you are all having a nice summer.

Just posting all the new art and early Christmas ornaments for 2019.

I’m not putting them in my shop yet. Contact if interested.

Not in the shop. Contact if interested.

Broken Memories, 16×20, acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

Some Ghosties Are Always Together, 8×10, ink and acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

Ghostie Catz, 8×10, ink and acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

That’s it for now. I have so much art piled on my sofa, that I’m having a hard time wanting to create new. Every summer, sales really slow down, due to vacations and such. If you’re interested in some of my art, please contact me for a special price. I think I’ve had one sale in the last month and am very eager / motivated to give deals. But please only contact me if you’re serious. I have people telling me all the time, they’re going to get something, then never do. I’d rather not know. If you are serious about making a purchase, I’ll give you a great deal.

So, until next time… I hope I have more to show by then.
I also think I’m going to pause doing more ornaments for awhile. They usually sell instantly, but none have this time. I don’t know if it’s due to just being invisible on social media or because there’s no interest. We’ll see.
In the meantime, take care.



Broken Toyland Newsletter #09, for 2019

Howdy 🙂

I actually have created quite a bit in the last almost 3 weeks since the prior newsletter, so I thought I’d share.  Paintings and drawings. Even 2 large art pillows.
Let’s get started…

Title: A Window Into Ghostie World, 5.5×5.5, ink and acrylic on 1.5 inch thick wood. Find it in my shop.

Title: 5 Old Ghosties Show The New Guy Around, 12×16, ink and acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

Title: Ghosties, 12×16, ink and acrylic on canvas. Find it in my shop.

Title: Marydeth Leads The Way, 8.5×11, ink on card stock, framed. Find it in my shop.

Set of 4 minis, framed. Find them in my shop.

Title: The Graveyard Has Eyes, 7.5×11.25, ink and acrylic on wood. Find it in my shop.

Title: Bunny Ghosties. These are sold.Lots of other stuff in the shop, though.

Title: Ghosties Pillow 02, 18×18, acrylic on a heavy duty canvas pillow. This images is showing both sides. The entire pillow is completely painted, so it’s 2 paintings in one. Find it in my shop.

Title: We’re No Good At Haunting, 8×10, ink on card stock. This one isn’t in my shop yet, because I still haven’t framed it. If you’re interested, just contact me over at

Title: Ghosties Pillow 01, 18×18, acrylic on a heavy duty canvas pillow. This is 2, 18×18 paintings in one piece. This one has sold.

This is a 13×13 inch art tote bag. It’s very roomy. It is also available, if anyone’s interested. Just contact me. It’s not in my shop right now.


That’s all for now.
If you’d like to support my art, you can do so at and clicking either the paypal or patreon buttons.

I’m starting to think about Christmas ornaments so if you want a special order, don’t wait until the last minute 🙂

If you’d like to follow me on other social media, you can see where to find me on several other platforms, by going to my links page.

Thanks and take care.

Broken Toyland Newsletter #08, for 2019

Greetings. It’s been a really long time since I made an entry here. There’s a few reasons, but one of them was I was sick. So I’ll leave it at that.

I stopped painting for over a month. More like 1.5 months. I just couldn’t paint. Circumstances at home and me loosing my mind over the ongoing, continual stuff, made it impossible to be able to. I have ptsd, and that makes things really difficult sometimes. Not fun. But things are getting  better finally and I’m making my way back to the studio. I hope to start producing again like normal. I really hope so. I need it.

Yesterday I was finally able to finish a new painting. Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of freehand ink drawings, that I’m framing and have on my shop page. I love drawing with ink. I did that for many years when I was younger. Actually from junior high, until I was in my late 20’s. That, and watercolour. But mostly ink drawings. It keeps me going when I’m struggling with my art.

So, without further adieu…

Title: Wandering Ghosts, 7×14, acrylic and ink on canvas. Check to see if it’s available in my shop.

Title: Sometimes It’s About The Journey… Not The Destination, 5×7, freehand ink on card stock. Check to see if it’s available in my shop.

Title: I Will Take Care Of Myself, 8.5×11, freehand ink on card stock. Check to see if it’s available on my web shop.

Title: I Feel Lost Sometimes, 8.5×11, freehand ink on card stock. This one is sold but you can see what else is available in my shop.

Title: Sometimes When I’m With Others I Still Feel Alone, 8.5×11, freehand ink on card stock. Check to see if it’s available in my web shop.

Title: It’s ok To Be Sad, 8.5×11, freehand ink on card stock. Check to see if it’s available.

Title: Nature Is The Best Therapy For The Exhaustion Of Life, 8.5×11, freehand ink on card stock. Check to see if it’s available in my shop.

Title: BFFs. This was a commission. If you would like one, just contact me.

I would love to be able to self publish a colouring book, but I cannot afford it. Maybe in the future, when things are better able to handle that. In the meantime, not possible.

That’s it for now. Thanks for the support, however small. I appreciate it.
Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers. I covet them.

And for those who would, by chance, like to support in another way, you can do so at PATREON. <—The info is at that link.

Also feel free to follow me on my various social media pages. I’m hoping to use others like MeWe, MINDS, etc, and less facebook. There’s way less nonsense. I’d hope people would join me on one or a few. You can find them all here on my links page.

I’m still doing commissions. In case anyone’s interested.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading this far ❤

So then, until next time, take care.